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Squad Builders & Squad Builder Plus (+)

The easiest way to understand the difference between the Squad Builders & Squad Builder Plus (+) that we are planning to offer is to think of the former as a basic version and the latter as a more deluxe version.

Allow me to further mansplain:

The main goal of the Squad Builders is to make them as affordable as possible. We want to encourage army building by keeping the cost per figure as low as we can, whether you want these to complement other 1:12 scale (6") toy lines you collect or to start building up your own Mortal Ruin collection on your shelf is entirely up to you.

The initial Squad Builders will be the K Raider, the RSA - Frontier Corpsman, & the I.O.U.A. Peace Keeper.

The Squad Builder Plus (+) will also be an army builder (if you choose), the differences will be in the amount of accessories included and/or the deco on these +'d offerings. These will essentially be a "plussed up" version of the Squad Builders.